RubyLux Blue LED Bulb, Blue Light for Acne Treatment

Product: All Blue Antibacterial LED Bulb

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Product Overview

The RubyLux Blue LED bulb is an effective blue light for acne treatment. In recent years the popularity of LED therapy has increased exponentially.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lamps and masks are being used by many to treat different issues on the skin, blue light in particular has shown to kill acne inducing bacteria.

On this study you can read all about the positive effects of light-based therapies in acne treatment. But to keep it short and sweet; it talks about the skin absorbing and benefiting from light sources at different wavelengths.

415 nm wavelength within the blue spectrum is the most effectively absorbed by the skin and it is a great treatment for killing bacteria and soothing the skin.

Analyzing multiple previous studies, the general consensus is that using 415 nm blue light for 8 to 20 minutes for four weeks showed to reduce the inflammatory acne count in the range of 60% to 70%.

The study concludes that more clinical trials need to be made, but that blue light acne treatment has no side effects and it is proven to work, with many over the counter products being even cleared by the FDA for public use.

The way this treatment works is simple, the blue light at 415 nm wavelengths kills bacteria, that as you know bacteria stuck on dirt and grease that clog the pores is what forms pimples and blackheads. With a nice daily wash and treatment with the light you can avoid bacteria on your skin as well as dealing with already formed pimples by eliminating the bacteria on the pores.

Now that we see that blue light treatment works, you might be wondering…

Why This Product?

One of the biggest reasons is the price, there are a few of these light treatment products, but the prices are ridiculous, if you want to get your feet wet and try light therapy, this is a great product to start with.

This Bulb has over 38 Blue LEDs and it is very powerful. It has the same purpose as the Photon mask reviewed here, the biggest difference is the price and shape of it. If you are on a budget and still want to benefit from Blue light therapy this bulb is the way to go.

This light bulb has a lot of Blue LEDs, so it is very strong and enough to cover your entire face. You plug this Bulb into any lamp socket and just point the light towards your face for 20 minutes, very simple.

Great Reviews in Amazon, great price for the number of LEDs available. This is a great budget Acne treatment, but if you have the extra money you can go for the Photon mask mentioned above, but using this product is good too and could be everything you really need.

You will need to get some UV goggles, since you do not want the light pointing directly at your eyes. With the photon mask this isn’t necessary since the mask has shielding around the eyes.

Tips and Tricks

Remember to always wash your face first, this will make sure there is no dead skin that could block the light from entering your skin.

Always wear your goggles, direct light to your eyes can be harmful, so please be careful. You can find some great cheap UV goggles here.

Shine the light at least 12 to 14 inches away from your face, at this distance the light will cover your face completely.

Turn off any other lights in the room you are using this product in, this will make sure there is no light interruption from other sources.

Only use this light for 20 minutes, 6 times a week maximum.

Don’t forget to always to moisturize and protect your skin against the Sun’s harmful rays, you can check out the best moisturizer with SPF 30 on the Red/Dry Skin page, great for acne prone skin.

Like with all acne products keep using it for a month or so, if you notice no difference then the product might not be for you, do not get discouraged if you see little results right away, Acne clearing is a process that needs to be tested and approached with patience and consistency, but with this light you might notice results within a week or two.

If you want more tips, tricks and information on other great products you can always check out the Acne and Scars page.

Final Thoughts

Check out the Blue LED bulb over at Amazon, this is a great budget light therapy that will certainly give you results without the ridiculous price some other light therapy lamps have.

While it may not be the biggest light source or the most comfortable when using for your face, it is a still a great option for those who want to clear their skin of acne without breaking their bank. Acne clearing can be possible with the right tools and here you have one of the best ones, why wait?

If you have any questions or comments, please write and I’m sure this product will help you on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

6 thoughts on “RubyLux Blue LED Bulb, Blue Light for Acne Treatment

  1. David

    Thanks for the information. I know that a lot of people are skeptical about light therapy, but as someone who was in the skin care industry I know that light therapy does work. You are correct in saying that it should be used consistently and results will be seen in 2-4 weeks. It’s not like tanning (another form of light therapy) where results can be seen after 1-3 sessions, but the up side is that you are not putting harsh chemicals and drying agents on your face. Thanks for educating the public.

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey David,
      This is true, it is an actual permanent treatment that works. no chemicals, no side effects, just an effective product to get rid of acne, thank you for your input and thanks for reading.

  2. Jackie

    Hi Victor. It seems like such a straightforward procedure. I have always been a little skeptical (i guess most people are) about treatments like these. But, it seems that many people are also beginning to use them and there are studies proving it, so maybe is time to be less worry about it, Thanks!!!!!

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Jackie,
      Is normal for people to be skeptical, specially with all the claims on the internet all the time, but as you mentioned this type of treatment has worked for a lot of people and there are also different studies backing it, so you know this is something that will certainly work for you, no need to worry, thanks for reading.

  3. Misty D Dawson

    I just ordered and received this bulb yesterday to treat hormonal breakouts along my jawline and chin area. I’m looking forward to testing this out! The price point on this, versus lights marketed for skincare is ridiculous! $19.99 vs hundreds of dollars…..even the lights for spot treatments (with 1-3 leds cost more than this bulb. The science behind light therapy is proven effective. I’ve been using a Joovv red led/NIR light for just about a month now and am very pleased so far! I really wanted to include some blue though for certain areas of my face. I have been using light therapy 6-8 times a week and although the results after only a month are slight, they are definitely there! I occasionally battle bouts of eczema so I’m hoping light therapy is the answer. If I can heal my skin and body with light rather than harsh products and prescription drugs and steroids I’m all in!

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Misty,
      The price point is very important especially when the results are similar to more expensive products. It has been proven scientifically, so you know you’re getting something that really works. I truly hope this light helps you and if you ever want to upgrade you can check out the Photon Mask, which has both red and blue and will cover your entire face while freeing your hands. Of course, this bulb is a great first step before committing to the bigger products, so I do hope it helps, thanks for reading.


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