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Does Water Help Acne?

Does Water help clear acne? This was a question I was asking myself a few weeks ago when for some reason I started getting more breakouts even after doing no changes in my acne treatment, read the whole story below and my conclusion. Background I have been pretty good at keeping up with an acne… Read More »

Damaged / Anti-aging Products

This Section has reviews for other great products for the treatment of Acne and Acne scars or just in general for a healthy beautiful skin. All products from the Damaged / Wrinkles page as well as other products that do not necessarily fall under the Acne Products or Scar Products categories are here. This includes… Read More »

Scar Products

Testing Acne Scar treatments is a lot more trickier than Acne treatments, it requires a lot more time and attention to different details. The products that will be reviewed here were tested for multiple months as well as researched thoroughly for effectiveness. Something important that was mentioned in the Scars page is that while you… Read More »

Acne and Scars Treatment, Your Source for Beautiful Clear Skin

Welcome to Beautiful Clear Skin, your source for Acne and Scars Treatment with tips, tricks and products for the treatment of Acne, Acne Scars and dry skin. This site is divided in three main pages: Acne, Scars and Red/Dry skin. Each one has all information you need regarding the subject of Acne tips, Acne Products,… Read More »