The Psychological Effects of Acne

One of the topics you don’t hear being mentioned much is the psychological effects of acne.

This is a very difficult topic especially for those in their early teens and of course those who like me have been suffering with acne for many years.

I decided to write this post to talk about this subject, acne is not fun and it sure does not look pretty, so it is very common for people to completely lose all their self-esteem because of it.


So why write this is I’m pointing out the obvious? Well the reason I’m writing about it is to simply remind you that the way your skin looks does not define your worth or beauty.

While we are all looking for a beautiful clear skin it does not mean that those who do not have the perfect skin shouldn’t be happy with their lives.

What most teens don’t realize is that for most of them acne is temporary and if you are careful (no pinching or squeezing) it can be manageable.

Same for adults with acne, it is very easy to control and losing your mind because you got a pimple is silly if you think about it.

The problem with today’s society is the big emphasis being placed on looks, we have become very superficial beings and while I don’t think that makes us horrible people I think it shouldn’t affect our self-esteem.

Self-esteem is how you value yourself in the world, how much you are of value in life, you mean to tell me you lose value for having acne? sounds silly right?

But what about confidence? what about it? you lose all your skills and abilities because you got a pimple? No, so you did not lose confidence.

One time I had to give a presentation to half the company where I used to work with a giant pimple and I mean a massive pimple on my nose.

Did I feel a little bit bad cause of it? sure, did I know people were staring at it? they were, did that stop me from kicking butt during my presentation? of course not! I was embarrassed, but I never lost confidence in my skills and the fact I had a giant pimple did not make me lose any level of self-esteem.

So What Should I do to not feel this way?

I understand, it’s not easy and with the pressure teens and adults feel today is not simple. Many people are very happy with their accomplishments, they are the contributing factor to their self-esteem and confidence.

Rather than focusing on physical appearance they focus on their accomplishments and abilities, we all seen people who do not take care of themselves, don’t bother fixing their hair or using fancy clothes and it turns out they are very successful people, but their appearance isn’t their main focus.

Do you think someone who works hard and makes millions a year really care what people think about their face? Nope.

I’m not saying you need to make millions to stop caring, a difficult task for an adult, more difficult for a teen. What I am saying is that people have other priorities and focus on other things rather than looking at the mirror all day.

It’s okay if you worry about your physical appearance, it’s okay if acne bothers you, even after all my accomplishments the occasional pimple still bothers me.

What I want you to think about is simple, just because of acne you are not less of a person, you are not inferior, you are not less skillful, you are not less human.

Why let acne make you feel something you are not? I know is not that simple, but next time you look in the mirror I want you to look at yourself and see, in the bigger picture acne does not make you less beautiful, because real beauty is in the heart and no matter how you look on the outside know acne isn’t permanent, confidence in yourself and great self-esteem are.

You have the tools here to control acne and its side effects and I truly hope you find your path to Beautiful Clear Skin.

2 thoughts on “The Psychological Effects of Acne

  1. Miguel

    Hello Victor,
    I completely agree, as someone with the ocacional pimple I know exactly how devastating it is when you have a zit on your face, as an adult you learn to deal with it, but my daughter still suffers a lot when she gets zits, I showed her this post and she seems to agree, we shouldn’t feel bad for having acne or acne scars, but somehow we do, I just hope she soon realizes that there are better more important things to a person than that, thank you for the words.

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Miguel,
      Exactly, as we get older we start realizing how silly it is to worry about that, does not mean we are not self-conscious about it sometimes, the important thing is seeing ourselves and not letting it affect our lives too much, it will get better, thanks for reading.


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