Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover, Effective Overnight Pimple Treatment

Product: Acne Absorbing Cover

By: Nexcare

Place to Purchase: Amazon

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Product Overview

Here is a very interesting product for your treatment of Acne. The Nexcare absorbing covers are a chemical free alternative for maintaining your skin oil free, moisture free, bacteria free and picking pimple free.

You place the cover on an already growing pimple and that’s it. The cover will absorb the pus and oil that comes from the pimple and also stops you from picking it.

The cover changes color when it has absorbed enough pus and oil giving you a visual tell on when to change the cover or if the pimple has been eliminated.

The beauty of this product is that it will deter you from picking your face, rather than squeezing the pimple, you place this on your face and leave it alone.

Remember picking and squeezing is the number one reason you get Acne scars and this product helps avoid all that.

This product is recommended for people with light to mild Acne, the pads work on Cysts, Pustules, Nodules and Whiteheads.

The Acne page explains the different types of pimples if you are unfamiliar with the names, but in short, all pimples at that red bump stage and the stage where they are pus filled sticking out.

So Why This Product?

Aside from the huge amount of positive reviews on Amazon, the concept of this product is so simple its silly. There are no chemicals involved, the product is just one big towel that sucks all the badness from your pimple.

They come in two different sizes and are very comfortable.

I noticed some people giving bad reviews because they thought the product was expired, when in reality they were reading the lot number date format incorrectly.

Some Tips and Tricks?

Sure, while they are designed to absorb oil and pus it is important for you to wash your face and fully dry it before applying the covers, this will not only let you apply on a clean pimple surface it will also help the cover stick better to your clean dry skin.

It might be a little too obvious looking, so many people use it at night. Wash their face before bed, place the cover then remove it in the morning.

It is advised against using any acne product or treatment under the cover, this way the product won’t get absorbed on the cover.

You should always wear moisturizer on the rest of your face, don’t forget to check out the best one in the Red/Dry Skin page.

Final Thoughts

Check out the Acne Absorbing Cover over at Amazon, this product has saved me from some huge pimples and I’ve seen many people getting excellent results.

When you get a last minute pimple before an event these covers can really save you, don’t let acne interfere with your daily life.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and I’m pretty sure this product will help you on your path to Beautiful Clear Skin.

6 thoughts on “Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover, Effective Overnight Pimple Treatment

  1. Keith

    Hey Victor
    These are good tips and tricks that you’ve included.
    As a 34 year old male I’ve personally found the importance to wearing moisturizer on my face.
    Not something guys normally see as important but it does make a big difference when it comes to skincare.
    If you had to score this product out of 5 what would you give it?

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Keith,

      I would give it a 4 out of 5, losing one point to the fact that it is very obvious looking and you can’t really wear it outside, unless you just don’t care about a little patch on you face then it’s the perfect product for you. Moisturizing is very important for all skin types, thanks for reading.

  2. Eddie

    Hi Victor,
    Would you recommend these patches for a teenage girl?
    My daughter suffers from periodic outbreaks of acne and I know that they really get her down. We have tried many different treatments but nothing seems to work for her.
    She also wants to know if she should put the patch on when she feels a pimple coming through or should she wait until the white head has come through?

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Eddie,

      Of course! if the acne is the occasional pimples then this is perfect for her, I can understand what having acne during your teenage years is like, trust me. There are plenty of great products on the site that she can try. For these covers the perfect time is exactly as you mentioned, just as she feels the pimples creeping in or if it already has the whitehead she could use it. The important thing is that it will absorb all oil and pus and will stop her from picking it avoiding scarring, thanks for reading.

  3. Shailie

    What a coincidence! I just bought it two days ago! It does work really well especially if you get a big, red pimple. The pimple will be reduced in one or two days. But if it’s thinner and more transparent, that would be perfect. I usually use it at night and take it off in the second morning.

    Thanks a lot


    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Shailie,

      It does work! That is one of the major complains, it is simply too difficult to hide, so it is best to wear at night, glad it’s been working great for you. I’ve gotten rid of a few of those big red pimples with these nicely, thanks for reading.


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