Taking Care of Your Skin While Secluded

Need some help taking care of your skin while secluded? read on for some tips and motivation on the kind of things you can do for your skin and even other areas of your body during a time of seclusion, quarantine or if just feeling under the weather and staying home for a while.

BackgroundTaking Care of Your Skin While Secluded

I have been home now for more than two weeks during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. I have spoken to multiple readers and friends regarding what to do during this time.

My response was very simple, why not take care of your skin now that you have more time in your hands? or maybe try something new that you were afraid to try because it would be too noticeable. I’m not really only talking about products for your skin, but for other areas as well.

Now, I understand being in seclusion many people loosen their usual daily routine. Acne prone people stop washing their face or using their products. People trying to get rid of scars are not using their product as often and those with some other skin conditions like redness or wrinkles are not using their creams anymore since no one will see them.

But don’t you think this is the perfect time to put more effort on your routine?

Why lose motivation and fall into laziness when this is the perfect time to transform yourself?

During this time of seclusion you should decide to do some changes to the routine and personal life, so when you come out of this, your body and mind will be much better for it. So here are some tips that hopefully will give you a good idea and some motivation of things to do for yourself.

Seclusion routine

Those who suffer from acne can certainly start a new product they were afraid to use because it might break them out. Now that you are at home, wouldn’t this be the perfect time? If it works you will come out with great clear skin, if it doesn’t then you can start a new one. You lost nothing, no one saw you break out and everyone will see you when your skin is clear since you found the perfect product.

Those working on their scars can use something a little stronger for their skin. Chemical peels and derma rollers are perfect because they leave your skin red and sensitive against the Sun and of course it makes it obvious that you did something to your face in some cases.

The fact that you are at home means you can really go for those heavier treatments to really go for your scars and no one will know, of course they will once they see the difference of your scars fading.

Those working on their dry skin and/or wrinkles have the perfect opportunity to try new products that will help them as well. That cream that you read about, but was too afraid to try? well, what else will you do? try it and see, you have nothing to lose and a bright tight skin to gain.

Why stop with only your skin?

Seriously, why? This is the perfect time to pick up better life routines that will benefit your body and mind.

Drink more water; Drinking water helps tremendously, you can read more about it in the article Does Water Help Acne?

Exercise more or start; This is self-explanatory, plenty of exercises you can do at home, it helps your body and mind. Helps lose weight, increases blood flow, it will only benefit you.

Sleep; the importance of sleep has been mentioned many times throughout this site because of how good it is to help heal the skin after a treatment. But also helps your mind stay sharp and your body relaxed.

Change something about yourself; Seen a few people who did a few changes to their looks. Some changed their hair color, others decided to grow a beard, just to see how it looks.

If you want to try something different that you can do at home, why not try it now? If you don’t like it or it comes out terrible no one needs to know (well except any other person at home, pets don’t judge).

Learn a new skill; Some people are learning how to code, another language, finally working on that company they wanted to create and even learning to dance. It’s free time to do those things you always claim you had no time for.

Meditate; Did not want to include this one in the skill part because it deserves its own category. Meditate, it is such an amazing thing to do, it helps put your thoughts together and it heals the body and soul. Plenty of videos teach you how to do this, just learning breathing exercises make such a huge difference, give it a try.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, a time of seclusion is the perfect time to create a better routine or try something different. You can only benefit from it. This is the perfect time for personal change or finally find that product that will help your skin.

Of course all the information you need is here. You can check out the Reviews section and find all types of reviews, but if you’re looking for something more specific like some products that were mentioned, you can go to the Acne, Scars and Other products review lists to find that new product, that perfect product that will finally help you.

During a time of seclusion is not the time to just sleep or lounge around not doing anything. It is the time of work and effort and what better effort than one that will help your body, your mind and your skin.

Stay motivated and think about the future rewards for your effort, you get nothing sitting around and everything creating an amazing routine that will help your confidence, self-esteem and inner peace.

If you have any comments or question, please do go ahead and ask and I hope that this article has motivated and informed you to follow your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

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