DRMTLGY Acne Serum, Overnight Acne Treatment at Home

Product: DRMTLGY 24 Hour Acne Serum


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Product Overview

The DRMTLGY Acne Serum is an amazing overnight acne treatment at home. It combines two of the most proven effective acne fighting ingredients that will certainly help you reduce acne overnight, let us break down each one:

if, you have been around the site or just doing your acne research, you will know Benzoyl Peroxide and Glycolic Acid are two excellent products to get rid of acne.

Throughout the years there have been a lot of research on these two products when it comes to reducing the size of inflammation and killing bacteria.

On this review study, it was discussed how effective Benzoyl Peroxide has been for many years and concluded that the percentages available (2%, 5% and 10%) while the higher concentrations are more effective there are other effects like dryness and redness that will occur.

Benzoyl Peroxide fights acne by killing bacteria in your pores, this bacteria is the one that clogs your pores and once that happens pus starts forming creating inflammation and redness on your skin. With the bacteria gone the pore is unclogged and the skin can start healing.

Glycolic Acid is another amazing product for your skin, in this study, this chemical was analyzed on how effective it was for chemical peels. This acid exfoliates the skin by opening up the pores and removing dead skin cells that could certainly clog your pores again.

Now, combine these two ingredients and you get a treatment that works by using the power of Glycolic Acid to open up your pores and removed dead skin cells and dirt. Benzoyl Peroxide now more effectively can get into your pores kill all bacteria and your skin can start healing right away. With bacteria eliminated and your pores clean, inflammation and redness is reduced.

Now using this product you got yourself a how to remove pimples naturally and permanently in one day, but you will wonder…

Why This Product?

This is the first product that seems to be using this combination and it WORKS. The synergy between both ingredients is great because they truly compliment each other and they are not too rough on your skin.

They use Benzoyl Peroxide at a 5% concentration which is one of the better concentrations to use. At this level it is strong enough to really kill bacteria, but not so strong that will dry your skin if it is on the sensitive side.

They use Glycolic Acid at 5% concentration which is a very mild, but still effective concentration. At this level it effectively opens the pores and removes dirt while not being too rough. Remember this is the stuff they use at higher concentrations for chemical peels which are meant to burn a layer of your skin.

because of the combination of these ingredients they will effectively reduce the oil on your skin. If you have oily skin this will certainly help reduce it.

All the positive reviews and feedback on Amazon do not lie, many people are already benefiting from this product.

Some negative reviews on Amazon are due to improper use and not testing the product before applying, more on that on the tips and tricks section.

Free of Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Sulfates, Formaldehyde alcohol, all chemicals that are not very good or gentle with your skin.

Cruelty free is always a positive on any product.

Tips and Tricks

It is important before applying any product on your skin to always fully wash the area. Having a dirt free and dry surface to apply any product will help immensely. This means it is easier for it to be absorbed by your skin.

Don’t forget to always have a cotton towel exclusively for your face and pad dry it, not rubbing.

When applying the product for the first time, do a spot check. This means you apply it on your arm or a small area on your skin and wait for any reaction. Not doing this was the mistake that many of the negative reviewers made. These are some serious chemicals, so you need to make sure your skin can handle them. If you notice no redness or itchiness overnight then you can go ahead and use the product, but if you do notice this, don’t use it, your skin is too sensitive for it.

Start applying it at night before bed, if you see no dryness or redness you can use it during the day too. in case redness occurs reduce it again.

When applying the product use small amounts and massage the area for a few seconds. A good way to know when to stop is when you feel the cream dry up on your skin.

Sometimes with new products for acne you might notice you break out a bit more. This is normal the first one or two weeks, just keep using and wait. Remember that acne needs to be handled with care and patience. If after a month or after the bottle is empty you notice no results, the product might not be for you. Don’t give up and keep trying others.

Check out the Acne page for more tips on skin care. If scarring is your concern the Scars page has you covered.

In case you need something for dry skin and redness check out the Red/Dry Skin. In here you can also find an amazing moisturizer that will protect your from the Sun too.

Final Thoughts

Get more information on this Acne Serum over at Amazon. This amazing product is proving to work. The reviews and the research speak for themselves, this is something worth trying for those really struggling with acne.

When it comes to acne, there is no one product fits all. It really comes down to each individual person and how their skin reacts, for this reason trying multiple products is important because you will eventually find that perfect one that will finally give you a clear skin, what if it is this one and you’re still hesitating? give it and try and see.

As always if you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to write and I hope that this product helps you on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

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