Derma Roller, Micro Needling Facial Treatment

Product: Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Instrument For Face

By: Sdara Skincare

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Product Overview

The Sdara Derma Roller is a great micro needling facial treatment. For those not too familiar with derma rolling or micro needling, it is the process of using a small roller with many tiny needles and rolling it on your skin.

It is used for wrinkles and smoothing the skin. The principle is that the needles create small trauma or injuries inducing collagen remodeling on the surface of the skin, If you read the Scars page we want this to happen to make the skin more flat, scars less noticeable and to brighten the skin.

On this study you can read all about micro needling the different types and the different effects. But to keep things short, the study showed that using derma rollers can help with boxcar scars and to a level icepick scars by evening out the surface of the skin.

Rollers come in different needle sizes that will have different results on your skin. In this case we will be talking about a 0.25 mm needle size roller which is safer to use, giving you a great tool for micro needling at home.

Derma rolling also helps with wrinkles, stretch marks and it even hair loss making a great product with many benefits that can be used in other parts of your body, as long as you are persistent and careful Derma rolling will show you great results in the long run.

Another great use for derma rollers mentioned on the study is the fact that it helps with the absorption of serums. If you are using other products for your scars and troubled skin like the Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil or the Eva Naturals Vitamin C Serum, derma rolling before applying them means the small punctures on the skin will make it easier for these serums to enter your skin and help with the collagen induction and skin remodeling.

Now seeing how it does work, you might be asking…

So Why This Product?

It is made out of titanium making it more hygienic and easier to clean.

The 0.25 mm needle size will help with scars, wrinkles and even not too deep icepick scars. Using bigger size needles is more effective, but it seems they are better to be left to the professionals since more pressure is required and if done incorrectly it could lead to more scars. A 0.25 mm needle is an effective and safe size to use at home.

The roller is very sturdy and comes sealed on a sterilized package, so you know it is bacteria free before it’s first use.

This brand is the most popular one when it comes to Derma Rollers and the amount of positive reviews and feedback prove it.

Tips and Tricks

Please be very careful when Derma rolling, putting too much pressure on the skin when rolling could cause some serious bleeding, just a bit of pressure is enough where it feels a bit uncomfortable, but it is not painful.

Wash your face before rolling and make sure you have a cotton towel and pad dry every time.

When it comes on how often you should use it, you will hear different opinions on the matter. The research and testing show that you can do it once a week, some recommend doing it every two weeks and some people even do it twice a week. It really depends on how your skin responds to Derma rolling, just do once a week to give your face plenty of time to heal before the next session.

Moisturizing after Derma rolling is very crucial, your skin will feel a bit uncomfortable and will need to start healing right away, use the wonderful moisturizer recommended on the Red/Dry Skin page it will make your skin feel great and give you SPF 30 protection against the Sun. If you are planning on using a serum apply it right away.

Only do this at night since your skin will certainly turn red or have some slight bleeding.

Sleep! some testing was done when it came to sleeping after rolling, when you have less than 7 hours of sleep after Derma rolling you will notice your skin will still look red and puffy, but when you have plenty of sleep after rolling it will look normal, like nothing happened. For this reason every time you micro needle always try to get plenty of sleep. The difference is clear, get some rest, your skin needs to heal.

Cleaning your Derma roller is very important, you don’t want bacteria getting stuck in the needles and then rolling a dirty needle on your face. Always clean your roller with alcohol after use, rinse with hot water and let it air dry. Do not share your Derma roller with anybody, good hygiene is important you are puncturing your skin and do not want to risk an infection.

Time and patience, this type of treatment takes months to show some noticeable results, so you must stick to your treatment and not lose hope or get discouraged just because you see no immediate results, patience and perseverance is very important when treating scars.

If you want more tips, tricks and information on other wonderful products, you can always check out the Acne and Scars page.

Final Thoughts

Check out the Sdara Derma Roller in Amazon, this is a great tool for the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles. It is also a great tool if you want to make some of your favorite serums more effective since micro needling helps penetrate the skin better.

You can’t go wrong with a derma roller on your side when dealing with scars or just wanting a brighter skin. Collagen induction is the secret to a better skin and here you have a product that will just that, what are you waiting for? this is a great answer to a healthier skin.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to write. It might take some time to see some results, but getting them makes it worth it and you will be one step closer to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

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