M3 Naturals Charcoal Scrub, All Natural Facial Cleanser

Product: Premium Activated Charcoal Scrub

By: M3 Naturals

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Product Overview

The M3 Naturals Charcoal Scrub is a wonderful all natural facial cleanser made from the Dead Sea salts. The Dead Sea is very popular location on the Mediterranean and known for its organic detoxifying mud and salts, millions travel each year to enjoy their great benefits making it a popular product for companies to use for create amazing scrubs and masks.

The salts help absorb dirt and toxins from the skin, absorb excess oil and clear pores to avoid acne like blackheads. It also brightens the skin and tightens it removing wrinkles.

On this Study you can read all about the benefits from the mud and salts, to summarize they saw that the salts and mud showed great antibacterial properties, concluding that Dead Sea mud and salts were a great material to remove dirt and acne from the skin. This shows that the Dead Sea Mud and salts are a great product for cleaning the body.

The mud and salts have also shown to attract dirt and toxins like a magnet, leaving you a smoother cleaner skin.

While this product uses the salts as the main source you can read about the InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask which is a mask that uses the mud as the main source.

Now that you found a great natural face wash for acne and other skin issues, you might ask…

Why This Product?

One of the great things about this product is the added ingredients that turn it into a more all natural effective cleanser. This scrub has aloe vera coconut and jojoba oil making a great product to keep your skin hydrated and reducing wrinkles.

Because of the properties of the salt and the rough feel of the cleanser using the scrub will work like a magnet that removes and absorbs oil and dirt from the skin, giving you a fresh feeling that helps remove blackheads and brightens your skin.

The amount of positive feedback and reviews on Amazon prove it has worked for many people.

Some people might not like the smell too much, there are different opinions on this, some people like the smell some don’t, whatever your opinion might be just know that the smell does not linger, so don’t worry.

Tips and Tricks

Damp your face before application, wash it with soap if you have product, make up or have oily skin. Pick little pieces of the salts and massage your face in circular motions for at least 30 seconds.

Remove it by washing it with warm water. It might get a little messy, but you will feel your skin very smooth after you’re done.

Don’t hesitate to use it on other parts of your body, this stuff is wonderful just make sure you only use it on external body areas.

You can use it every day during your shower or before bed.

Some people have had great success using it to remove blackheads and opening the pores.

While the scrub is not drying and leaves your skin feeling very smooth it is recommended to use the great moisturizer mentioned on the Red/Dry skin page. Make sure to use it afterwards, it has also has SPF 30 protection.

With some acne products you might notice an increase in pimples the first week or two, this is completely normal, keep doing it for a month or so, if you notice no difference then the product might not be for you, do not get discouraged if you see little permanent results right away, skin clearing and healing is a process that needs to be tested and approached with patience and consistency.

If you want more tips, tricks and information on other great products, you can always check out the Acne and Scars page.

Final Thoughts

Check out the Charcoal Scrub over at Amazon, this fantastic cleanser from the salts of the Dead Sea will give your face a great look and feel, helping with acne, wrinkles and evening your skin tone while keeping it hydrated. Each wash you will feel your skin smooth and clean, eliminating blackheads and tightening the skin. Why continue to suffer when there is a solution available that will make your skin feel great? try it now.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to write and I’m positive this product will help you on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

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