AmLactin Intensive Healing, Skin Care Moisturizer Cream

Product: Rapid Relief Restoring Body Cream 2-in-1 Exfoliator and Moisturizer

By: AmLactin

Place to Purchase: Amazon

Product Overview

AmLactin Intensive Healing is a great skin care moisturizer cream for those looking for a little more than skin hydration. While moisturizing your skin is a great thing to do and highly recommended, sometimes your skin requires more than that.

Moisturizing your skin is the process of allowing it to retain water, this means your skin looks brighter, smoother (as in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles) and feels softer.

Because your skin is better hydrated it reduces the chances of infections and dirt from the environment chances that increase with flaky, damaged skin and dry skin.

Due to these wonderful results, you can see why moisturizing should be an important factor in your skin routine.

While there are many products that are consider great moisturizers and they do their job, sometimes you need to repair the damage already done to it, this where Lactic Acid comes in.


Lactic Acid has been used as a peeling for many years. It has been documented that the ancients used Sour Milk which is a great source of Lactic Acid to do peelings, which is the process of removing dead skin and small layers of skin to reveal new smoother one.

Cleopatra is most famously known to have taken baths of Sour Milk to improve the look and texture of her skin (source).

Now we have two interesting factors here. One hydrates the skin and creates a barrier to protect it and another removes the bad skin and gives the opportunity for newer layers to surface.

So you end up with a new layer of skin that is fully hydrated with reduced visual damage (flaky, fine lines, ashy, dryness).

So understanding these two factors the question on everyone’s mind is…

Why This Product?

AmLactin is the first company to combine these two factors in a cream and doing so successfully.

The dual factor of a peeling like cream and on top a moisturizer creates and amazing effect where old skin is being replace by new one that is getting the hydration right away.

The 15% Lactic Acid is a great percentage that gives you a balance of an efficient peeling without the increase chance of burning or bruising the skin like with higher quantities and other peeling chemicals.

AmLactin is a trusted brand with a great variety of products with excellent feedback.

The thousands of reviews and positive feedback on Amazon speak for themselves as well, this product is helping many people.

Looking at the negative reviews it seems some people are not really liking the smell of it. While it does claim to be fragrance free, Lactic Acid has a certain smell that some people might not like.

The other negative reviews are just people expecting results over night, which is unrealistic for this type of skin healing.

It can be used all over your body, don’t think this is a face cream only and don’t think only your face needs to be moisturized.

It’s non-greasy, fragrance-free and paraben-free.

The 12 oz tub will last you a while even if you end up using it in other parts of your body.

Tips and Tricks

Wash your face before application, or shower, or bath, whatever gets your skin clean. This will remove dirt accumulated during the day and leave a better surface for the product application.

Don’t forget to always pad dry since drying in a rubbing motion could damage your skin more.

Dip your fingertip and massage the product on your skin. Do this in circular motions and wait for it to dissolve in your skin.

Start using the product at night and see how your skin react.

The 12 oz Tub should last your a while, if after you finish the tub you see no results maybe the product is not for you, but don’t give up, plenty of more to try and remember that some products might not work on you, but they will on others.


Don’t forget this is also a peeling/exfoliator, so we need to be on the look out for any reactions.

When in doubt apply a little bit on your arm and watch for reactions like redness, tenderness or bumps. If you notice them, you might not be able to handle the cream.

Because this product could create some sensitivity on your skin, avoid applying it during the day and avoid exposure to the sun.

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Final Thoughts

Take a look at the AmLactin Cream over at Amazon. This great two in one product might be exactly what you need to help obtain a smoother, brighter and prettier skin.

The Peeling effects works since it has been used for centuries.

The moisturizing effect works since it has visible results. And the hundreds of comments, reviews and positive feedback pretty much show that we have an interesting product here that works.

Why not be another positive statistic? Here we have two chemicals proven for years to work, what if you get to be part of that history? Looks like more pros than cons.

Please don’t forget to ask, comment or just say hello, and hopefully this will help on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

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