RejuveNaturals Vitamin E Oil, All Natural Moisturizer

Product: 100% Pure & Natural Vitamin E

By: RejuveNaturals

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Product Overview

RejuveNaturals Vitamin E oil is an all natural moisturizer for those looking for a different type of well.. moisturizer.

This is a great for those looking for a more natural product for their skin.

Now before we continue let’s talk about moisturizing (prepare yourself to see this word a lot now).

Moisturizing is the process of adding moisture to your skin, in other words it keeps your skin hydrated (skin retains more water) which gives a list of benefits:

By keeping your skin fully hydrated the overall look of your skin increases, which means skin looks brighter, reduction in wrinkles, fine lines and increased protection from the environment.

This also means less redness, no dryness and a tighter skin.

As we age, skin starts reducing the amount of water it can retain and that’s when we notice the aging and the damage.


This is where Vitamin E comes in as a natural moisturizer.

It has been used for many years to help different skin conditions and while there aren’t many conclusive studies. One thing is certain; that there are many uses and a lot of information regarding its effectiveness.

Due to being a vitamin extracted fully from plants, it is a guaranteed one hundred percent natural product.

Application is simple and with little to no side effects.

It can also be used for hair and other skin conditions, so don’t think it only moisturizes.

So at this point you might be wondering.. besides if there is more use of the word moisturizer…

Why This Product?

This Vitamin E is made from Olives while many others are made from sunflower seeds, this means this is different source for the Vitamin E oil not found commonly.

This also means a 100% natural product for your skin, no added chemicals or processes.

RejuveNaturals is an excellent brand with many natural products and thousands of reviews.

The great amount of positive reviews and amazing feedback speak volumes about this product.

Some of the negative reviews came from people who gave up too soon on the product or did not follow the instructions on what to do if the product came in a bit thick or crystalized, more on that later.

Manufactured on the US on a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) factory FDA registered.

GMO free, not tested on animals, vegan and pesticide free.

The 1 oz bottle should last you a while, but if you plan on using it for other parts of your body the 2 oz one will do wonderfully.

Tips and Tricks

Before applying please always wash the area with your favorite soap or wash, we want to add this to a smooth clean surface.

Some of the reviews said that the product came solidified or it was too thick, this is normal due to shipping conditions being cold. Simply warm up some water and place the bottle there, it should liquify the product again and be easier to apply.

The included dropper makes things easier. What you do is add a drop to your finger tip and massage an area of your face until you feel it absorb. So, one drop one cheek, another drop the other, forehead another drop mouth area and so forth.

You will end up using about 5 to 6 drops on your skin, a few more if you want to apply it to your neck and hair.

The 1 oz bottle should last you over 6 weeks, but if you want to use it for other areas the 2 oz bottle is best.

Apply it only at night, it is a bit greasy, so it’s best to use it while at home. It might also increase your sensitivity to the sun.

You can use it on your hair, nails or some used it to regrow their eyelashes.

Do try it at least for a month or however long the bottle lasts you, do not expect results overnight, but do expect them within a week or two. You will most likely notice a difference or others will notice and tell you, when they do send them here for more products.

If you do not see a difference after a month or finishing a bottle, the product perhaps was not for your skin type, don’t be upset or discouraged and keep trying other products.

There are other great moisturizers over at the Damaged / Wrinkles page.

If you are looking for more than moisturization (did not know that was a word) check out the Acne and Scars page. All full of lots of product reviews, tip, tricks and information.

Final Thoughts

Check out this great Vitamin E oil over at Amazon. This amazing product uses olives as the source of extraction, something not seen often in vitamin E products.

This makes it a unique product for those looking for a more natural way to moisturize and perhaps were disappointed by previous Vitamin E oils made from sunflowers.

The reviews are there, the feedback is there and all you have to do is make a few clicks to see if it you can join this group of people already getting amazing results.

Moisturizing is a very important factor to maintain a healthy skin and to keep it looking youthful and bright.

If you have any comments, questions, please do write and this product will certainly help you on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

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