Cover-Dot Acne Care Absorbing Patch, Overnight Acne Solution

Product: Cover-Dot Acne Care – Clear Acne Absorbing Patch

By: Smartmed

Place to Purchase: Amazon

Product Overview

This is another great product to use as an overnight Acne solution. The Cover-Dot absorbing patches are a chemical free alternative for maintaining your skin oil free, moisture free, bacteria free and picking-pimple temptation free.

These patches are similar to the Nexcare patches I reviewed here, the verdict is that many people like these patches since they are thinner and easier to hide with makeup, but a lot of people believe the Nexcare patches have better absorption and adhesion to the skin.

In the end people seemed to be divided on which is better, so I figured I would leave it up to you to decide which works better for you by reviewing both options.

The way these patches work is they absorb the pus and oil that comes from the pimple and skin, by keeping the area clean oil won’t clog the pore and the pus won’t add bacteria to another pore.

Another great thing about the patches is that they will deter you from picking and squeezing the pimple, remember that improperly picking your pimples is how you create acne scars.

The patch changes color when it has absorbed enough pus and oil giving you a visual tell on when to change it.

This product is recommended for people with light to mild Acne, the patches work on Cysts, Pustules, Nodules and Whiteheads.

The Acne page explains the different types of pimples if you are unfamiliar with the names, but in short, all pimples at that red bump stage and the stage where they are pus filled sticking out.

So Why This Product?

These patches have a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, the concept of absorbing patches is a very simple effective idea.

They are chemical free, come in different amount of patches and they are very thin making them easier to hide.

Most of the negative feedback come from people who say they do not stick very well, but I believe it is because they did not clean the area of the face thoroughly.

Some Tips and Tricks?

While they are designed to absorb oil and pus it is important for you to wash your face and fully dry it before applying the patches, this will not only let you apply on a clean pimple surface it will also help the patch stick better to your clean dry skin.

Some people are using it right as soon as they pick on a pimple. They clean the area and add the patch which will absorb any oil and pus left while protecting the area from the environment.

This seem to work, but I recommend you check the tips and tricks section on picking a pimple on the Acne page to do this without causing damage to your skin.

The best time to wear the patch is at night once you washed and clean your face, add the patch and remove it in the morning or if it’s not that noticeable just change it for a clean one.

It is advised against using any acne product or treatment under the patch, this way the product won’t get absorbed on the patch.

You should always wear moisturizer on the rest of your face, don’t forget to check out the best one in the Red/Dry Skin page.

Final Thoughts

Check out the Cover-Dot Absorbing Patch over at Amazon, I had great results with this product as well as the Nexcare covers mentioned above.

It’s a matter of opinion and seeing which one works for you and prefer.

These covers can really help you heal a pimple overnight or simply avoid them from growing any further, it is a great tool to have for emergency pimples.

If you have any questions or comments, please write and I’m certain this product will help you on your path to Beautiful Clear Skin.

2 thoughts on “Cover-Dot Acne Care Absorbing Patch, Overnight Acne Solution

  1. Rosa

    Hi Victor,

    This is a great acne solution.
    It’s interesting that these patches absorb the pus and oil from a pimple and skin. And what’s more interesting is the patches changes color when it’s absorbed the oil and pus letting you know it’s time to change it. This is a great product for anyone suffering from acne.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Rosa,
      This is a great product and the way it works it’s very interesting, another plus for many people is the fact that it is chemical free. A great solution for mild acne sufferers, thanks for reading.


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