SHVYOG Vitamin C Clay Mask, Supplement Skin Health

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Product: Vitamin C Clay Mask, Facial Mask with Kaolin Clay and Turmeric for Dark Spots


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Product Overview

SHVYOG Vitamin C Clay Mask is a great product to supplement skin health. Now what we mean is that because of its many benefits, it will be a great tool for any skin condition or prevention. More on that next.

Clay masks use can be dated to thousands of years in many different cultures, for healing, cleaning and maintaining the skin and body health. With technology and research we are able to now know exactly which product works or doesn’t

What makes Clay Masks so different is how they physically work. You start with a soft cream like product that hardens and once remove it can offer great results like cleaning pores, refresh the skin and brighten it, this due to mask removing old dirty layers of skin. 

Some of these masks have other products in them to help with the cleaning of the skin, in this case Vitamin C.


There is research into the antibacterial properties of clay minerals. In this study it was concluded that clay minerals do in fact have the properties to treat numerous human bacterial infections. Proving the thousands of years of use true to treat and heal completely true.

Then there are the benefits of Vitamin C. In this study it was mentioned its many benefits for the skin: antiaging, healing irritated and damaged skin as well as helping remove dark spots. 

One of the main focus on Vitamin C research is increasing its effectiveness when delivering the chemical to the skin to stimulate more collagen production and healing. So they might be on to something by using it in a clay mask.

Clay masks work like a magnet that pulls skin impurities and dirt. This means cleaning pores to avoid acne and blackheads, smoothing the skin surface to brighten it, destroying bacteria and of course providing the nutrients on the actual clay straight to you skin.

Which looks and sounds like a very good overall deal for your skin.

Basically, any skin type and condition can find great benefits from this type of product.

So with this information, you should be wondering…

Why This Product?

SHVYOG is a very popular brand for clay masks, they have a lot of experience with this industry and the number of products with positive reviews show that.

The use of Kaolin clay has been documented for many years on healing skin issues.

The use of vitamin C as the main ingredient is a very effective way to get this vitamin straight to your skin.

The addition of Turmeric will help exfoliate your skin increasing the removal of bacteria and blackheads in your pores.

This combination is also perfect for oily skin as it will absorb all oils from it.

Clay masks are perfect for all types of skins, so even if your skin is sensitive, dry or irritated you will get all the benefits you need.

It comes with a small brush to help you apply it.

The 5.29 Oz bottle will last you for over a month using it three times a week.

Some of the negative feedback came from people who did not like the smell, turmeric and Kaolin clay have a very distinct smell that some people might not like.

Other reviews were from people who got some breakouts, so it might not be for everyone, more on this later. 

The amount of reviews and positive feedback in the thousands show this product works for many more people.

Tips and Tricks

Fully wash your face before applying the mask, also pad dry it to get the most out of it.

Use the provided brush to basically paint your face with the product, make sure to get all areas you want and avoid your hair. You can also use it on your neck.

Let the mask sit and harden, you might feel some tingling and pulling.

After 10 to 15 minutes remove the mask with warm water and pad dry again.

Enjoy the freshness, if you have any products for acne or dryness you usually apply, this would be the perfect time for them.

Use the mask at night, some people find them a very relaxing feeling before bed.

Use the mask up to three times a week only, alternate between days for better consistent results.


Some people claimed to get breaksout from the mask, keep an eye out for this, some skin types will get the pores clogged and create pimples rather than cleaning the pores. Not all skins are the same which is why we have so many products out there.

Try it until the bottle is empty, if you see no noticeable results or see that you got more pimples, the product might not be for you, don’t be discouraged and keep searching.

If you’re looking for more great products for other annoying issues checkout the other pages: AcneScars or the Damaged/Wrinkles page are full of reviews, data, tips and tricks for all skin needs.

Final Thoughts

Take a peek a the SHVYOG Vitamin C Clay Mask over at Amazon. This amazing mask can be used to scare your significant other or neighborhood kids.

But if that is not something that interests you, just know this will provide great hydration, reduce redness, clean pores and decrease light skin issues. 

So while it can be used a simple hydrating mask the added benefits from Turmeric and Vitamin C could make this into a great product for your skin routine.

The price point and the amount of product you get is a great opportunity to try it with little risk and high reward, so why not?

Any questions, doubts, comments and/or concerns, let us know. And hoping this product helps on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

2 thoughts on “SHVYOG Vitamin C Clay Mask, Supplement Skin Health

  1. Scott

    This was a very thorough review of clay beauty masks. My wife goes to a therapist for facials once a month, so this topic drew me in. I will need to ask her if she gets a clay mask. I did not really the anti-bacterial benefits and vitamin C that comes from the mask. I found that interesting. I know that women use this for the softness of skin and cleaning pores, but since I’m here, I need to ask: Do men benefit from clay masks as well? 

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Scott,
      It could certainly be a clay mask or glycolic acid for facials. This one is pretty good weekly. and to answer your question; of course! we men don’t have to have rough rugged skin, this will work just fine for you. Will make your skin look great maybe even get the wife a bit jealous haha, hope it helps, thanks for reading.


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