RubyLux Red & Blue LED Bulb, Acne and Scars Treatment

Product: RubyLux Red & Blue LED Bulb

By: RubyLux

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Product Overview

This is another amazing Red and Blue light Acne and Acne Scar treatment. This is a bulb with colored LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes, if you were wondering). Red and Blue light have shown to be effective when dealing with Acne and Acne scars.

This bulb does something similar to the Photon mask I reviewed here, the biggest difference is the price and shape of it.

If you are on a budget and still want to benefit from Red and Blue light treatment this bulb is the way to go. Let us review the effects of the lights.

Red Light(650 nm): Has shown to reduce wrinkles, make the skin smoother, help blood circulation, help in the creation of collagen and reduce the size of pores.

Blue Light (415 nm): Has shown to kill bacteria (reducing Acne), balance skin tone and relax the skin.

This particular light bulb has more Red LEDs since the main point is to be used for Acne scars. There is a small amount of Blue LEDs  which help killing bacteria to help get rid of Acne. This can be plug to a lamp like any normal bulb, you point the lamp towards your face for 20 minutes and you’re done.

So Why This Product?

Best Reviews, best price for the amount of LEDs available. This is a great budget Scar treatment, but if you have the extra money I do recommend  the Photon mask I mentioned above, but starting out with this product is great too.

Something very important that you must also purchase is the UV goggles, you do not want the light pointing directly at your eyes, so also get a pair of goggles, the best and cheapest can be found here.

With the photon mask this isn’t necessary since the mask has shielding around the eyes.

Tips and Tricks?

always, remember the importance of washing your face first, this will make sure there is no dead skin that could block the light from entering your skin.

Always wear your goggles, direct light to your eyes can be harmful, so please be careful.

Be at least 12 to 14 inches away from the light, at this distance the light will cover your entire face.

Turn off any other light in the room you are using this product, this will make sure there is no light interruption from other sources.

Only use the light for 20 minutes, 6 times a week maximum.

You are healing scars, so you will not see immediate results, this treatment takes patience and time, you will notice your skin is very smooth once you finish the treatment, but it will take a few months before you see real permanent results.

There’s been some small research that  suggest the Red light can make your thyroids act up, while this isn’t proven , it is better to be safe than sorry, I usually wrap a towel around my neck and collar bone, so there is no light hitting my thyroid.

If you want more tips and tricks check out the Scars page.

Final Thoughts

The Red & Blue LED Bulb is an excellent product if you want to dip your feet… or face on LED acne and scar treatments.

I do recommend that you purchase the Photon mask, but this is still and effective and cheap way to get you started on this type of treatment. The research is there and the results that many people like myself are getting speak for themselves.

Please leave a comment or ask any questions and I hope this product helps you on a path to Beautiful Clear Skin.

5 thoughts on “RubyLux Red & Blue LED Bulb, Acne and Scars Treatment

  1. jschicanha

    surely! this is a great product, I have been receiving pressure for my skin type because of scars, I seriously don’t see it, but its giving me low morale, all caused by the pimples and spots in my face

    thanks for this great post showing a cheap cure on scars.



    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Jose,

      I know the feeling, acne scars sure can kill your self-esteem, this is a great product to start a successful scar treatment, don’t let it bother you too much, thanks for reading.

  2. artware

    Hi Victor,

    This is new to me. I never knew that the light exposure and treat acne and scars. This is really great article to those who are not aware. And I guess there are lot of people like me who doesn’t have any idea about this simple treatment and its efficacy.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Victor Post author

      You’re right, not many people are aware of this wonderful method for acne and acne scars. This is a very cheap and effective way to start using Light treatment and seeing real results, thanks for reading.

  3. Jen

    Wow, how innovative. I have never heard of this type of treatment before until now. It’s amazing what is out there… you never know what you are going to find when you google something! I have a few people in mind who mind like to read this.. I am going to share it with them. thanks a lot!


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