Remedial Pax Scar Removal Cream, Noticeable Skin Treatment

Product: Day and Night Scar Cream

By: Remedial Pax

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Product Overview

Remedial Pax scar removal cream is a real noticeable skin treatment. But lets not get ahead with the product yet.

Scars are no fun, in fact they are the second source of low self-esteem after acne itself. Imagine finally getting rid of your acne only to get some scars out of it. Or getting scars from a treatment, surgery or accident. 

There are many types of scars and many ways to reduce them or removing them. Let’s look at some of them.

A Popular ingredient in scar formulas is Panthenol. In this review study it is mentioned how Panthenol is used in products to help “transepidermal water loss (TEWL)” this is basically your skin moisture.

This  is important because if you have dry skin, it looses its brightness and surface texture. Now imagine loosing this on top of your scar surface and you have yourself a worse appearance in a scar. 

Panthenol helps keep the skin nice and bright, decrease a dry texture and making a scar visually less noticeable.

Dimethicone is another great product for helping your skin moisture and to help acne cream glide over the skin without feeling heavy or sticky.

These are both great chemicals used and proven to work to help scar healing.

So now that we have some ingredients for an effective scar removal cream, some might wonder…

Why This Product?

Both of these ingredients are on this cream and they work wonderfully.

Combine these with products like citric acid, collagen and vitamin E and you have yourself a formula that creates a skin shield that protects, brightens and heals as you apply it. 

So while the Panthenol and Dimethicone will keep your skin moisturized, smooth and bright, the other ingredients will heal the damage area improving scar texture, color and the overall appearance.

This will work on all skin types and most scar types, its worth giving it a try.

Remedial Pax while a fairly new brand has shown great success with their products. 

The thousands of reviews and positive feedback are a testament of the quality of product they created and that is working for many people.

The dispenser system of the cream is fantastic since with one press you will get exactly the amount you need, no guessing or over pouring.

The negative reviews like always, comes from people who were not patient and after one month gave up because they saw no results, please don’t do this. You are healing a scar, it will take a bit more time depending on the age of it.

Cruelty-free, no sulfates, gluten or parabens.

Tips and Tricks

This cream is best applied when your face is completely clean. Wash your hands too, it’s pointless if you have a clean face and dirty fingers.

Wash your face to remove a layer of dirt you never know you accumulate throughout the day.

Cream is not for your face? no problem, wash the affected area anyway.

Always pat dry a scar area, you do not want to bother your skin by rubbing it with your towel.

This cream can be used once or twice a day. So wash in the morning and night then apply it.

For those still fighting acne, apply at night and your acne cream during the day. Or simply apply it on the scar area and your acne cream everywhere else. 

There is a chance that the dispenser might get stuck and stop working, it happens. You can open the top by unscrewing it and just taking a small coin amount into your finger.

One thing about Panthenol, it is known that some people might get some acne breakout from it. If you notice you’re getting acne instead of scar healing, stop using the product. A small spot test works, by only using the cream in a small area of your skin, if you see no issues, use as normal.

Some Last Info.

Please note older scars will take longer to heal or to notice some changes, so continue using the bottle until it is empty, for some people it might take a few weeks, for others months to notice something. Have patience and keep going.

If you definitely see no changes at all, don’t be upset, perhaps your scars are a bit deeper or you need a different product, skin healing takes some time and experimentation.

There are other great products on the Scars page and some great information on them. The Acne page will help those still struggling with acne and the Red/Dry Skin page has great products wrinkles and other skin issues.

Final Thoughts

Check out this Scar Removal Cream over at Amazon. Scars are no joking matter and they certainly don’t look good on anyone (unless that’s your thing, which in that case; no judgment).

While there are many solutions available, it is important to know what will works best based on the science and many user experiences.

Here you have an excellent cream that is working for many people, the results and the studies are there, the only thing left to do is trying it out for yourself.

This process takes time and effort on your part, but if you keep experimenting and trying great products you will find something that will help you, it could be this product, so why not give it a try?

Any comments, feedback or even criticism please don’t hesitate to comment and I hope this product helps on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

2 thoughts on “Remedial Pax Scar Removal Cream, Noticeable Skin Treatment

  1. Parameter

    I have some scars on my face and it really puts me off when I am in some environment. I have tried some creams to get rid of it but to no avail. Since many persons as given remedial pax scar removal a positive review and it’s easily accessible via Amazon, I will give it a trial. I hope to join folks with positive reviews 

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Parameter,
      It certainly does not hurt to try; easy to get, a good price point and plenty of opportunity for success with little loss, hope it helps you, thanks for reading.


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