Mighty Patch Original, Improve the Look of Pimples Overnight

Product: Mighty Patch Original Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patch

By: Hero Cosmetics

Place to Purchase: Amazon

Product Overview

Mighty Patch Original helps improve the look of pimples overnight, but don’t let the catchy title trick you, there is some interesting science behind that process.

Hydrocolloid on acne patches has become very popular due to their healing capabilities on what otherwise could become a very ugly pimple.

They also have a small psychological influence on you, by making the pimple not visible it decreases your chances of wanting to pick it.

Be sure to not forget by you picking your pimples, you increase your chances of clogging more pores, so more pimples and scarring your skin in the process.

Combine these two elements of the patch and you could get some results overnight depending on the type of pimple and how you are handling it.

These type of patches work on mild acne: Pustules, Whiteheads and Nodules.

For those unfamiliar, the Acne page goes into details regarding each type, but if you want the quick summary, any pimple that looks like the white pus is ready to surface.


The data on Hydrocolloid dressings is available, this study talks about them in detail and how they work by using a double layer system.

The inner layer absorbs the pus and leaves the surface hydrated for healing thus the reduction in redness.

The outer layer protects the area from the environment and in the case of the acne patches it will hold the pus.

This system works well since you have something that heals you while absorbing what caused the damage.

Now that you get how to reduce inflammation from acne overnight, you can ask…

Why This Product?

It is made out of Hydrocolloid material (duh), which speeds up the healing by reducing inflammation and redness.

Absorbs the pus; no need to pick it and increase your chances of more pimples and scars.

Protects the pimple from the environment; less chances of damage or dirt.

Just place the patch, leave it a few hours, once it turns white, pimple is defeated.

They are thin enough to have make up cover it.

The thousands of reviews and positive feedback speak volumes on the amount of users that see the results.

36 patches (About 12 millimeters in diameter) will cover all pimple sizes and should last you for a while.

Safe for all skin types, so no concerns for sensitive skin.

Not tested on animals and it does not have any chemicals that go on the skin.

Hero Cosmetics is an environment and skin conscious brand that became popular thanks to the effectiveness of this patch.

Tips and Tricks

Wash and pad dry your face before applying the patch. This helps the patch stick better it also helps remove a small layer of dead skin from your face.

Popping the pimple is never a good idea due to the chance of scarring and getting other pores clogged.

You can increase the speed of the white pus coming out by putting a hot compress on the area before the patch.

If you’re the sensitive skin type you can just wait for the pimple head to show up then apply the patch, applying multiple patches in a row will also help.

Do not use other acne products under the patch, you will just get the product absorbed and not the pimple.

Don’t forget you need to moisturize during the day. On the Red/Dry Skin page there are wonderful products for just that.

Just like any product, you need to try it for a while before deciding if it’s not for you. Just because a patch or two did nothing, does not mean stop using it. You need to consistently use products to see results.

Of course if scars are already part of your life, the Scars page is a great place for products and tips.

If you have a more severe acne the Acne Products page has other great options to try and experiment with.

Final Thoughts

Take a look at the Mighty Patch over at Amazon. This Amazing quick use product can really help with those pesky white pimples without damaging the skin or clogging more pores.

While just a temporary solution it is a product that can help those who need a quick fix before an important event.

Popping pimples means more mess and damage, so give this a try and see, the most you could lose is feeling embarrassed for a bit.

But it’s better it being a small pimple than a bloody scar or more pimples in the area, so why not?

Any tools we can effectively use to help our acne free journey are welcome ones.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to write and I’m certain this will help on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin with this product to improve the look of pimples overnight.

2 thoughts on “Mighty Patch Original, Improve the Look of Pimples Overnight

  1. Michel Maling

    I love the idea of a patch that draws the puss out. It is my pet hate to squeeze a pimple, especially if it isn’t your own. Although I know it shouldn’t be done, sometimes it is in a noticeable place and just looks terrible. Even covering it with a patch would look better, and as you say, it can be covered with makeup. 

    These are certain to become any teenager’s dream product and for some of the older ones. It certainly won’t hurt to have a box of these in the medicine cabinet. 

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Michel,
      That’s the idea, as a serial picker as well, whenever I use a patch things do look better. The patch makes it look like a small skin injury rather than a full blown white pimple, so aesthetically your face looks better and you are not picking it, so double win, hope it helps, thanks for reading.


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