Jack Black Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Deep Dive Pore Cleaning

Product: Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser

By: Jack Black

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Product Overview

The Jack Black Glycolic facial cleanser is a deep dive pore cleaning for the soul, alright, maybe not the soul, but Glycolic Acid is a very popular chemical used in exfoliation and peeling of the skin.

Now before you feel uncomfortable, know that Glycolic Acid has been around for many years and is used to treat acne, scars and wrinkles.

You don’t have to take my word for it, you can check out this Study review regarding the effectiveness and uses of Glycolic Acid. In summary: this chemical removes the dead skin cells, exfoliates (opens the pores) and excites the production of collagen due to the slight burning it produces on the skin.

From the analysis of the components that make up Glycolic Acid and its multiple uses it was concluded that it is an excellent chemical for acne, scars and wrinkles.

Now keep in mind that exfoliation opens your pores, unclogging them and removing dirt and dead skin cells that could potentially lead to a pimple forming. The collagen triggering is to heal the surface of your skin, creating new fresh one.

Please note that Glycolic Acid comes in many shapes, forms and even strengths. Higher concentration of this chemical are great for peels like the Glycolic Acid 30% Gel Peel and Glycolic Acid 50% Gel Peel, but for more mild conditions or just a simple wash to avoid acne and clean some fine lines, lower concentrations will do wonders.

Now that you know how this chemical is a great pore cleaner, you might be wondering…

Why This Product?

The Jack Black Glycolic Facial sets itself apart by added other great chemicals to the cleanser, that wonderfully work together to give you a great wash:

Glycolic Acid helps the exfoliation process. Kaolin Clay absorbs impurities and oil from the skin. Oatmeal is a very old school yet effective product to sooth the skin. Vitamin E also helps to soothe the skin and it’s a great moisturizer and that’s just some more interesting products in this cleanser.

It comes in three sizes 3, 5 and 10 oz (90, 150, 300 ml), great for trying at first and then buying in bulk.

It can be used as a wash or a mask depending on your skin tolerance (More on this on the Tips and Tricks section).

Since it is clay based, it is thicker than the usual washes that just hover over your skin and really do not agitate your skin.

Jack Black is a great brand with a huge line up of products online with great reviews.

The thousands of reviews and positive feedback on Amazon speak volumes, most of the negative feedback was due to people with super sensitive skin reacting badly to it, more on this below.

No parabens, sulfates or fragrance. Made in America using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facilities.

Tips and Tricks

As mentioned above, you can use it as a cleanser or a mask. For either use it is recommended for you to wash your face with your usual wash or soap to prep the skin surface, try using something more mild since the cleanser is on the strong side.

As a Cleanser after you wash your face, do not dry it. Apply a coin size amount of the Cleanser on damp skin and massage in circles, you want to make sure you cover your whole face or the most affected area (but since you’re there, just do the whole face, right). Rinse right away and pad dry with your favorite cotton towel.

As a mask after you wash your face, pad dry it. Apply a coin size amount of the Cleanser on the dry skin in a circular motion. Let it sit there and dry for five (5) minutes, then rinse.

Try it as a Cleanser or Mask a few times and see which is your preferred method, it really comes down to skin types and skin tolerances.

While this is great for oily skin, some Amazon negative reviews were due to people with sensitive skin not being able to handle the product. Don’t be discourage if you believe you have sensitive skin, give it a try to see.

If you notice after a month your skin gets worse and it burns too much stop using the product. Please understand that there are so many skin types that some products may work for other, may not work for you, this is the reason why it is always recommended trying a product for a while before giving up.

A patch test is nice if you think it might be too strong for your skin. You basically put a bit of the product on your arm and let it sit for 5 min. If it looks red and burns once you removed the product, it might not be for you.

As mentioned before, try it for at least a month or until you run out of the bottle before deciding it is not for you. If you start getting burning and red skin, stop immediately.

Always have a trusty cotton towel exclusively for your face and always pad dry your skin, you don’t want to create more harm by drying your face by rubbing.

Moisturizing will become very important when using this type of products, there is a great line up at the Red/Dry Skin page. It might not be a concern, but it is always good to have options.

Any information including tips, tricks and just general fun articles (Maybe not too fun, but informative) you can check out other places in the site like the Acne and Scars pages and the Red/Dry Skin which has other products for anti aging if moisturizers are not your thing.

Final Thoughts

Check out the Jack Black Cleanser over at Amazon. This is product using a proven chemical and much more to give you the results you are looking for. Do not be turned off by some reviews due to people with sensitive skin, your skin might be sensitive to some products while not to others. Only way to find out is by giving it a try to hoping for the best.

When it comes to skin products there is no one product for all, it becomes and entire process of investigation to find exactly what you are looking for and what helps your skin. Do not be discourage by previous negative experiences and be always open to new ones.

Here you have a product that has been helping many people, perhaps you can become one of them, only way to know is to keep trying products with an open mind and positive attitude, we can do this!

Any questions, comments, opinions or words of encouragement are always welcome and hopefully this product will help you on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

10 thoughts on “Jack Black Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Deep Dive Pore Cleaning

  1. David Pratama

    I have never heard of Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser before, so thanks for sharing a very good and in-depth review of the product. I’m currently not using any facial cleaners, but now I understand more on the substance of the product, how to use them and most importantly how it will affect my facial skin. Great work, and thanks for sharing, will check this out!

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey David,
      No problem, we take pride into going full details and giving you all the information as well as tips for all the recommended products, hopefully you like it, thanks for reading.

  2. Lionel

    “Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser” is a good exfoliator, in my opinion. It’s something I should think about using in the near future. I may use it as a cleanser, give it a month to see how it works, and then decide whether or not to continue with it. Is it able to make your skin look younger? Is it available all over the world? Yes, being open to different products is beneficial, even if finding a gorgeous clear skin lotion that is tailored to one’s body is difficult. However, I don’t believe it can cleanse a person’s soul lol. Aside from that, no one wants wrinkles, scars, or acne, which I have now. But I believe “Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser” can treat me:)
    Thank you       

    1. Victor Post author

      Hello Lionel,
      You should definitely give it a try. To answer your questions: Because you are removing dead skin off the surface of your face it will certainly make your face look brighter and even. You should be able to get it internationally with Aamazon, so it should be no problem outside the US shipping. I hope it helps, thanks for reading.

  3. Ann

    I would like to use the Jack Black Glycolic Facial as a mask. I have a friend that has been experiencing good results with it, so I would like to give it a try too. But before I purchased it, I decided to check out what reviews had to say about this product. And I am pleased to read many good reviews. Thank you for your post. It has been particularly helpful.

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Ann,
      You really can’t go wrong trying this product, the information is there on how good it is, hope it helps you, thanks for reading.

  4. Disco619

    This was a well written and very informative post about Jack Black Cleanser.  I have been looking for a good cleanser to keep from getting those embarrassing break outs.  Thanks for the warning about possible irritation and how test before applying all over.  Will be giving this product a try for sure.

    Dave L.

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Disco619,
      Thank you, yes, some tips and extra information are good for everyone, makes it easier to use the product and as a heads up, hope it works for you, thanks for reading.

  5. Anusuya

    Oatmeal and Vitamin E enhances the already impactful glycolic acid facial cleanser. 
    I appreciate your reviews of products with appropriate scientific knowledge and people report of the actual report at Amazon site.

    Looking at the components it seems okay to use or at least try on your face as per the instructions rovided.

    If you get skin irritations it may not be skin type that benefits from this product.

    How about you try Over a month as you have suggested on a small kind of invisible part of the skin! and check how it behaves?

    Or better as you as you get the product, try on a small patch of your face for a while to see the effect before you scale up your entire face.

    What do you think!

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Anusuya,
      Yes, you can certainly try it in a small area of your body for a month for maximum assurance, but the spot test for a few minutes works as well, the dryness could be a different issue altogether, the patch test is recommended for anyone trying any new chemical on their skin, glad you liked it, thanks for reading.


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