Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Best Hydrating Facial Moisturizer

Product: Hyaluronic Acid Serum

By: Cosmedica Skincare

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Product Overview

The Cosmedica Hyaluronic Acid Serum is one of the best Hydrating Facial Moisturizers available in the market. But before talking about this product let us go over the importance of moisturizing, how it helps with the overall look of your skin and how it helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and makes your skin look brighter and tighter.

Moisturized skin not only looks more appealing visually, having a moisturized skin also protects you from the environment much better than if you had dry skin. So in the end, by having your skin well moisturized not only are you assuring a beautiful looking skin you are also protecting it from the environment.

So we see moisturizing is important for your skin for other reasons other than beauty, so how is this related with hydration of the skin? very good question even if you didn’t ask it and I’m sorry I keep saying “moisturizing”.

One of the biggest issues that come from moisturizing (sigh) is keeping the skin hydrated which is the factor of how much and how long your skin absorbs water to keep it well… moisturized.

This is where Hyaluronic acid comes in, on this Study Review it was mentioned how Hyaluronic acid has amazing properties when it comes to retaining water and be easily absorbed by the skin.

So that sounds like a perfect chemical to create a product as a moisturizer, no? Yes! which means that here you have a moisturizer created specifically to hydrate your skin and keep it moisturized, giving you a great look and protection from the environment.

So now that you can see the importance of one of the best moisturizer for dehydrated skin, you might ask…

Why This Product?

Cosmedica is a recognized brand with a track record of quality products.

Unlike other products that use Hyaluronic Acid as an added boost, this product focuses fully on the benefits of this ingredient.

The thousands of positive reviews and feedback don’t lie, this product has been used and it is helping many people.

Great for sensitive skin and already very dry skin.

Vegan, Paraben-free, oil-free, no dyes, no fragrances or fillers and of course, cruelty free.

It comes in different sizes 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz, but if you want more quantity for your money, go for the 4 oz.

Product comes in a dark bottle, perfect for protecting the product from the Sun rays.

Tips and Tricks

Fully clean your face with your favorite soap and pad dry, by doing this you are removing all the dirt on the surface of your skin, promoting better absorption.

Put one or two drops on your clean finger tip and apply using patting motions on the troubled areas (around your eyes, around your mouth most likely) or any other area of your face that gets dry. So two drops for each area, the patting motion agitates your skin and increases absorption.

You can use it in the morning after a shower or at night after washing.

Since you are only using a few drops the bottle will last you a while (Hence the recommendation for the 4 oz bottle).

Try the product for a few months or until you finish the bottle, remember that you will not see results overnight and you need to be patient with any skin care product. Also, there is always the chance the product might not even work for you, so please test new products with patience and do not get discouraged.

If you desire more tips, tricks and other helpful information on other products do check out the Acne and Scars page or the Red/Dry Skin page for other great anti-aging goods.

Final Thoughts

Check out this great Hyaluronic Acid Serum over at Amazon, look at all the reviews and feedback from happy users with less fine lines, wrinkles and a brighter tighter skin.

While our skin getting dry does occur due to aging and solar exposure, here we have something to minimize, slow down and correct the process and damage. You have a great product with a solution and an easy way to try it for yourself, why not? go for it.

Like always, any questions or comments please write, and I hope this product will help on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

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