Humane Clarifying Toner, Salicylic Acid Solution for Acne

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Product: Humane Clarifying Toner Blackhead and Pore Minimizer Salicylic Acid 2%

By: Humane

Place to Purchase: Amazon

Product Overview

Humane clarifying toner it’s a fantastic salicylic acid solution for acne. If you read from the Acne page or anywhere else related to acne you would know that Salicylic acid is one of the best chemicals to use when fighting acne, exfoliating the pores and reducing their size.

This product has 2% salicylic acid which is the highest amount allowed for this chemical. The effectiveness of Salicylic acid is well documented.

This product is very simple to apply and the active ingredient will fight acne by unclogging your pores, removing blackheads, reducing their size and killing the bacteria without causing too much irritation.

Since it is a toner it will help with uneven skin texture while exfoliating and removing excess dirt, grease and dead skin cells that could clog your pores leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

While those with sensitive skin might feel some mild stinging, or burning sensation the feeling goes away after a while and even with the high percentage of salicylic acid this product is very good to sensitive skin.

Why This Product?

While not a very well-known brand, all humane products have a lot of positive feedback and reviews.

The fact that the product is manufactured in a controlled environment and under the same criteria as FDA approved products shows the company’s efforts to create a brand of products that were made with high standards.

If you are having trouble finding this toner you can try his cousin the Humane Acne Treatment Body & Face Wash

Tips and Tricks

Always make sure you wash your face and pat dry it before applying this toner. If you need more tips on washing and washing products check out the Acne page.

To apply it you can use your clean finger, cotton ball or pad. Apply in circular motions and let it dry on your skin.

Because Salicylic acid makes your skin more sensitive to the sun and it might dry your skin a little I always recommend a great moisturizer with UV protection which you can read about on the Red/Dry Skin page.

Some burning and stinging might occur at first, if it is too much to handle wash it off right away, this product is very nice to the skin, so the chances of that are rare.

Like with all products, always try them for at least a month until you decide if it is not working for you or it is too drying for your skin.

Final Thoughts

Check out the Humane clarifying toner over at amazon, this wonderful easy to apply product is within reach and can truly help your skin.

We are always looking for fast simple solutions to our acne and this product could be it for you. Unclogging your pores, reducing them and making the skin feel fresh and clean in one little bottle, why not?

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to write and I’m sure this product will help you on your path to Beautiful Clear Skin.

8 thoughts on “Humane Clarifying Toner, Salicylic Acid Solution for Acne

  1. Rose

    Great website and information regarding a good toner for acne. My son has teenage acne and we have been looking for products. I don’t know if it the products works because he is lazy and doesn’t do it. I don’t understand why he doesn’t try and help himself.
    But anyway,,, I will give this one a try for myself as sometimes I get adult acne.
    thanks for sharing.

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Rose,
      Not taking care of your acne is a big no, no. Not using a treatment means lots of pimples and with lots of pimples a lot of popping and with so much popping a lot of acne scars.
      Is not fun and it will only hurt him in the long run for being lazy, he will get many scars and regret for the rest of his life not taking care of it when he could, please encourage him to use a treatment, this product is simple enough that he can put it on very fast and of course you can borrow it from time to time for your mild acne, thanks for reading.

  2. lynnsamuelson

    I don’t have any issues with blackheads but I’m recently finding that certain times of the year, like summer (now), pimples start popping up. When I was a teenager it was to be expected but as a middle-aged woman I need to stop this pronto! I’ve heard that salicylic acid is very effective with a number of skin issues but I’ve never heard of the company Humane. Could you tell me a little more about them and also why you promote their product over others?

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Lynn,
      This is due to sweat carrying dirt and bacteria clogging your pores thus the pimples, always try to keep your face dry with paper towels or napkins to avoid the clogging. The tips and tricks section of the Acne page has some great information on how to avoid getting your face sweaty.

      I’m not into promoting brands, I promote specific products that have shown great performance. No two products are alike even if they contain the same amount of the acne fighting chemical, this is what makes acne solutions so tricky and it takes trying different products even with the same chemical composition until you find one that works for your specific skin. Some products are more popular due to great marketing campaigns, but there are other less known products that will provide amazing results. I’ve tried all the popular brands and while some do work a lot of them are just great marketing sells pitch, hope this helps, thanks for reading.

  3. Katie

    Thank you for this review on toner. Healthy skin is important to me and really helps with first impressions. Would you recommend using this product both day and night? Or would that dry out the skin too much? Thanks!

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Katie,
      While this product is very kind to the skin applying it all day long could really dry your skin, I would recommend using at night first and see how it affects you, if you notice little or no dryness go for it during the day as well, just make sure you use a nice moisturizer and Sun protection. Hope it helps! my pleasure, thanks for reading.

  4. sherry

    I’ve never heard of the Humane brand before, but I know there are sometimes new skin products out there that work better than the big name brand ones.

    Even though I rarely have problems with acne much at all anymore, it occasionally pops up, which is very irritating since it always seems to happen at the worst times.

    Something I might need this for more than acne though is reducing pore size…I occasionally notice my pores look way too large, especially around my nose area. Would using this toner once a day work or would I need to use it more often?

    I was also wondering if there are other ingredients in the Humane Clarifying Toner besides the 2% salicylic acid?

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely keep this one in mind for the next time I need to buy another bottle of skin toner.

    Best wishes 🙂 ~Sherry

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Sherry,
      I’m not much of a brand person because exactly as you mentioned there are some products with less known brands that work wonderfully.
      Using the toner once a day will get you the results you need, so no problems for those with light or mild acne.
      The active ingredient is 2% salicylic acid and the inactive Ingredients are Aqua (Deionized Water), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Coconut-Based Cleanser), Zemea Propanediol (GRAS Natural Corn-Based Solvent), Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea Antioxidant), Gluconolactone (PHA Antioxidant), Sodium Benzoate (GRAS Preservative), Sodium Hydroxide (GRAS pH Adjuster), is a combination of these chemicals with the active ingredient that give you the great results you want and it is the inactive ingredients that separate products from others with the same active ingredients, hope this helps, thanks for reading.


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