Derma E Therapeutic Gel, Natural Scar Treatment

Product: Therapeutic Scar Gel Panthenol & Allantoin


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Product Overview

The Derma E therapeutic gel a natural scar treatment for those who are still struggling with pesky acne or other light scars that just won’t go away.

Scar treatments are similar to acne treatments in that while it could work for one person it might not work for another. We all have different skin types and react differently to different treatments, so testing is a must for many of us.

You also need to consider how deep are your scars and that certain chemicals just won’t be enough.

Now that does not mean you should go try all random products you find online, there are certain chemicals that have been proven to help a huge amount of people with their scars.

There two ingredients that we want to discuss that have been proven to work for acne scars and even burn scars.

This review study talks about how Onion extract and Allantoin have shown to reduce the size and discoloration of many types of scars.

The analysis of multiple studies have shown that these products just help the overall look of scars on people who used them consistently for more than three months (this is key).

Here you have some evidence that some chemicals (can I call Onion extract that?) do work when used accordingly.

They are both natural products proven to work on scars.

Now we have a natural scar treatment ingredient to try, so you might ask…

Why This Product?

The Derma E scar gel stands out due to the fact that it has these TWO great ingredients that are proven to work for scars.

Combine this with their other active ingredients and you have a product with a winning formula and the reviews seem to agree.

Panthenol which is one of the active ingredients is a great moisturizer.

It will improve scar texture, color, and overall appearance, it will also make your skin look healthier due the added moisture.

Oil free, so it means it will not clog your pores and create new acne (pore clogs are the real enemy here, people).

Reviews and positive feedback don’t lie, this product works and the proof is on the ingredients and the thousands of reviews.

Some negative reviews come from impatient people who gave up after a month or two, please have patience. This is scar healing and it will take some time.

It is vegan and cruelty-free, contains no parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, gluten, soy or GMOs, and are supplied in recyclable packaging.

Derma E is a great brand with a multitude of skin products designed and made in the United States while establishing business ethics on recycling.

Tips and Tricks

Wash your face thoroughly before applying, don’t forget a trusty cotton towel and always pat dry your skin. Washing your face removes dirt accumulated during the day, gets rid of dead skin cells and leaves your face ready for easy absorption on new products with the added benefit of avoiding pore clogs.

Use it twice a day, day and night. If you have an acne cream, just apply this cream on the areas where your scars are.

Panthenol has been known to give acne breakouts on some people, so start using the cream in a small area and once a day to see if you are one of them. If you don’t get any, use as normal, but if you get breakouts, congrats you won the Panthenol allergy lottery, stop using this product immediately.

The older the scar the longer you will have to use the cream, so do not get discouraged if you do not see results after a month or two. It could take up to six months for you to notice anything, so patience!.

Of course, if after six months you do not notice any changes it might not because it did not work, it could have been that it was a very subtle change or your scar situation is a lot deeper, do not be disappointed, just start with another product.

The Scars page is full of tips and products in case this one did not do it. If acne still a problem, then the Acne page is also here. Drying skin and/or wrinkles? yes, there is a page for that: Red/Dry Skin.

Final Thoughts

Take a look at the Derma E Therapeutic Gel in Amazon, this amazing product is a great option for those with acne scars and are trying to get a smoother soft skin.

While these products may not completely resolve your issue depending on how deep your scars are, they are a great low budget way to get started on removing them and bring some confidence back.

This is a product with ingredients proven to work and with feedback from many users (ignore the impatient ones, they were warned it would take a while) getting results.

If you had a choice to try something that maybe, just maybe could help your scars, why not give it a chance? all you have to do is try and see.

Just like acne healing, scar healing is a process that takes more time and consistency, so don’t lose hope if things aren’r working.

If you have any comments or feedback please don’t hesitate to tell and I hope this product helps on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

10 thoughts on “Derma E Therapeutic Gel, Natural Scar Treatment

  1. Ashley

    Thank you for your review of the Derma E Therapeutic Gel for Scar Treatment.  I never think to use natural products for things like scar removal because they just tend not to be strong enough.  However, you are right.  With patience, I am sure you can achieve great results.  I learned something new in this article.  I had no idea that the age of a scar could affect how long it takes to get rid of that scar.  It makes sense that the depth of a scar would affect how effective a treatment may be though.  It makes me nervous that one of the ingredients has caused acne breakouts, even though you say it is rare. I would be one of the lucky lottery winners for sure.  Thanks for your help.  I will be checking out your acne and scar pages to see other product recommendations. 

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Ashley,
      Yes! patience is key when it comes to it, you need to really stick to it for a while. Yes, it sounds a bit scary, but if you happen to not be allergic, it will be a wonderful product for you, if you are, well plenty more options, hope you find something for you, thanks for reading.

  2. John

    I had terrible acne and a ton of light scarring that I couldn’t get rid of. I can vouch for Derma E Therapeutic Gel after using it for a few months, my scars were nearly gone, and the skin on my face was soft and smooth. It’s not an overnight fix, but it does work when applied consistently. It’s affordable and results in nice skin.

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey John,
      Thanks for checking in and letting us know, it really could work for those who put the time and patience, glad it did for you, thanks for reading.

  3. Lorenz Valdez

    I love how you can find Derma E Therapeutic Gel on Amazon!

    I have a question! I have scars from when i pop my pimple on my cheek and the scars seemed to stay.Does this product work for that too?

    How long does this take to work? Would you recommend to get just this or is there something we can partner with this product?

    Thank you for much for sharing. I will look into this for sure.

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Lorenz,
      Yes, it is very convenient to get these from a trusted internet seller.
      Yes, it is exactly for those types of scars, no matter how new or old.
      Depends on how old the scars are, it could range from two months to up to six months before you notice results, I would just try this alone and to see if you get results then try something else if you do not, hope it helps, thanks for reading.

  4. Carol Barnes

    Very good review on the Derma E Therapeutic Gel, Natural Scar Treatment. I have had so many spots scraped off at the dermatologist that I think this would be a wonderful idea to try. I like the idea of this being a natural product also. I believe you are right about the negative reviews being from the people who didn’t give the gel a chance to work for three or more months. Thanks for the review. Carol

    1. Victor Post author

      Hey Carol,
      It could certainly help you with that and yes, one of the issues with all the negative reviews is the fact that people did not follow instructions. It is important to verify all information before judging a product, thanks for reading.

  5. deelilah

    Hello Victor. Although I have not tried the products offered, nor have I suffered from acne, I am a long-time user of beauty products, around 65 years. Overall, this website is quite exceptional and lovely in its simplicity and straightforward approach. It was easy to navigate and very easy to follow. I will recommend this product and site to my granddaughter who is currently suffering from some acne and scars, thank you.


    1. Victor Post author

      Hello Deelilah,
      I’m very happy you liked the site and the format, the aim was to be straight forward and very easy to navigate. You are one of the lucky ones, hope the products help your granddaughter, thanks for reading.


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