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Product Overview

The COSRX pimple patch is a great overnight pimple treatment for those who wish to get rid of a nasty pimple at that point where the little white head is coming out and is ready to burst.

The way this patch works is very simple; when the pimple is at that step where it looks ready to pop, carefully popping the pimple, cleaning the area of pus and placing the patch. The patch will absorb all dirt and pus left on the pimple and it will prevent bacteria from spreading to other pores (which might create a new pimple) and of course prevent you from continuing to pick it.

Now the original concept of this patch is that you should not pick your pimple and increase the chances of scarring or clogging other pores, you should just let the patch sit and let it absorb the pus on is own. While this also works most people will just pick it to make the process faster, so rather than telling people not to pick it is best to tell them how to do it properly and safely to avoid other issues.

This patch is recommended for people with light to mild Acne, the patches work on Cysts, Nodules, Pustules and Whiteheads. The Acne page explains the different types of pimples if you are not very familiar with the names, but to make it simple, all pimples at the point where they show the pus filled head sticking out.

Now that you get the idea on how to cure pimples in one day, you might be wondering…

Why This Product?

It is made out of A.D.F. Hydrocolloid material, which helps speed up the healing process by reducing redness and inflammation.

Due to the material it is made of, it also protects the pimple from anymore outside pollutants.

Resealable package ensures the patches are always in a clean and dust free environment at all times.

Different size patches to use of different size pimples.

Simple to use, peel and place, once it turns opaque it is ready to be changed.

Due to them being very thin, you could easily leave it on or cover it with make up.

This patch is the most popular one on Amazon and the amount of reviews and positive feedback prove it.

Tips and Tricks

Always fully clean and pad dry your face before applying the patch. This will not only let you apply on a clean pimple surface, it will also help the patch stick better to your clean dry skin.

It will work more efficiently on a popped pimple, follow these instructions to reduce the chances of scarring and clogging other pores:

  • Make sure you fully clean the area (washing your face with soap or acne wash).
  • Use gloves or at least put finger gloves in the fingers you will use to pop the pimple, this way the dirt and grease from your fingers won’t contaminate the area.
  • Do not use your nails! use your fingers’ pads to put pressure to pop it (if you have steady hands a needle prick would work), using your nails will damage your skin and make the pimple and surrounding area worse.
  • Do not put more pressure on the pimple once popped, just place the patch and let it naturally absorb all pus.

Remember that popping your pimples will increase your chances of scarring, so please be careful. You can also just wait for the head of the pimple to show up and apply the patch overnight and let the patch absorb the pus.

Do not use any acne product or treatment under the patch, this way the product won’t get absorbed by the patch, you will end up with a patch full of acne product and not oil or pus.

You still need to moisturize and also need protection against the Sun’s harmful rays, you can check out the best moisturizer with SPF 30 on the Red/Dry Skin page, great for acne prone skin since it won’t clog your pores.

With all acne products you need to try it for a while before deciding if it is not for you, don’t use a patch or two and if you don’t see results stop using it, remember that acne clearing takes time and it needs to be tested with patience, don’t give up too early.

If you have been popping your pimples for a while and can see some acne scars already, check out the Scars page for tips, tricks and products to help you with those scars.

Final Thoughts

Check out the COSRX Pimple Patch over at Amazon, this amazing product will help you get rid of those ugly pus filled pimples, with its Hydrocolloid material it will also decrease the redness and inflammation that comes from them. A great overnight pimple solution that is available to everyone, in a few hours you will see the pus is absorbed and the inflammation is greatly reduced, a simple quick acne solution a few clicks away.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to write and I’m certain this product will help on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

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