Avarelle Acne Care Patch, An Overnight Pimple Cure

Product: Acne Care Pimple Patch Absorbing Cover With Tea Tree & Calendula

By: Avarelle

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Product Overview

The Avarelle Acne care patch is a great overnight pimple cure, they are designed with the idea that once you get a pimple and it’s showing its head (you can see the white pus on the surface of the skin) you can simply place the patch and it will absorb the pus without running the risk of getting more oil on the pimple, stopping the bacteria from spreading to other pores and stopping you from picking at it and popping it like it owes you money.

So why are these things important when dealing with a pimple? excellent question.

You do not want more oil on the pimple, more oil means more bacteria accumulating, more bacteria means more pus, more pus means a much bigger pimple, not fun, right?

With the pimple now filled with pus looking like it is ready to burst, you are most likely to pop it. This is a completely normal human behavior and it is understandable, but you have to remember that if you pop a pimple by force two things might happen:

1. The bacteria full pus will most likely run on your skin and clog other pores creating more pimples.

2. The force used to pop the pimple will leave your skin red and the damage might give you a terrible acne scar later on.

For these reasons these acne patches have become very popular, not only for their simplicity (place the patch at night and remove it the next morning), but also because they help with our need to pop the zits.

When the patches turn cloudy (this is most likely the pus collected) you’ll know the patch did it’s job and either the pimple is gone or it will be much smaller.

This spot patch is recommended for people with light to mild Acne, the patches work on Cysts, Pustules, Nodules and Whiteheads.

The Acne page explains the different types of pimples if you are unfamiliar with the names, but to make it simple, all pimples at the stage where they show the pus filled head sticking out.

Why This Product?

This cover patch is different from the competition because it has a hint of Tea tree and calendula Oil. In this study it was shown that Tea Tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties making a very effective tool that reduces the redness of the skin due to the pimple.

The acne patch also comes in different sizes, so you have plenty of options to choose from: if you have a specific area with multiple pimples you can get the X-large patches or the variety pack for small pimples and big areas of pimples, plenty of choices with this patch.

One of the best things is the resealable package, once you get your patch you can seal the package avoiding dust and moisture on your other patches.

The product is very simple to use, just peel, place on your troubled area and wait.

All the Amazon reviews and positive feedback prove this product is working for a lot of people.

Anyone can benefit from this patch, don’t let the girly packaging fool you fellas.

Tips and Tricks

Always fully clean and dry your face before applying the patch. This will not only let you apply on a clean pimple surface, it will also help the patch stick better to your clean dry skin.

It is always recommended having an exclusive cotton towel for pad drying your face every time you wash it.

Some people are using it as soon as they pop a pimple. They clean the area and add the patch which will absorb any oil and pus left while protecting the area from the environment.

While it isn’t ideal it might work, but I recommend you check the tips and tricks section on picking a pimple on the Acne page to do this without causing damage to your skin, remember that popping your pimples increases your chances of scarring, so this is not really recommended.

What’s best is to wait for the head of the pimple to show clean the area and apply the patch overnight and let the patch absorb the pus.

It is advised against using any acne product or treatment under the patch, this way the product won’t get absorbed by the patch, you will end up with a patch full of acne product and not oil or pus.

This is a nice smooth product with no strong chemicals, but you still need to moisturize and need protection against the Sun’s harmful rays, you can check out the best moisturizer with SPF 30 on the Red/Dry Skin page, great for acne prone skin since it won’t clog your pores.

With all acne products you need to try it for a while before giving up, don’t use a patch or two and if you don’t see results stop using it, remember that acne clearing takes time and it is a process that needs to be tested with patience, don’t get discourage early.

If you have been popping for a while and can see some acne scars already, check out the Scars page for tips, tricks and products to help you with those scars.

Final Thoughts

Check out the Avarelle acne patch, this is a great product not only for those with light to mild acne that still get some pimples from time to time, but for those chronic pimple poppers that need a little more control or simply do not want the acne scars that come from pinching your pimples.

If you want an overnight cure that will not only absorb the bacteria, but also help reduce the inflammation, you can’t go wrong with this patch. Why continue to bleed from you popped pimples and hope for the redness to go down? when you can simply add this patch at night and have a clearer and less inflamed skin the next morning.

If you have any questions or comments please write and I’m certain this product will help on your path to a Beautiful Clear Skin.

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